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The success of Digital Marketing goes from the basics of marketing. Wants to know how?

Want to be a successful digital marketer but didn’t have a basic understanding of marketing then this article is for you.

This article deals with the concept of Basics of Marketing, Benefits of learning & master Marketing, Niche selection and Targeting Audience, CATT Marketing Funnel & Framework, Integrated Digital Marketing and Power of Personal Branding, and plans to make 1 Crore.

If you are a student, freelancer, professional, digital marketer, blogger, and affiliate marketer then this article is for you.

My mentor suggested me Internship in digital marketing by Digital Deepak and after reviewing all the acceptance of information, I felt the positive vibes and trueness from the program I decided to go in for the internship by Digital Deepak.

This article mainly focuses on the learning which I got from week 2 Lesson in the Internship, so let’s start the journey.

The success of the Digital Marketing journey starts with an understanding of the basics of marketing. After understanding the week 2 lesson, I tried to give a framework or a process to the week 2 lesson. If you follow this framework you are going to be one step ahead of your competitors.

  1. Set the Objective/Goal — Setting up of financial goal (How to make ₹1 Crore).
  2. Understand the Basics — Law of Marketing, Global Economics, Indian Market, Traditional Vs Digital Marketing.
  3. Build —The Right market(India Wealth Concentrated), Communication Skills, Building A Strong Personal Brand.
  4. Choose — The right channel & framework for digital marketing & Right Niche Selection.
  5. Action — Integrated Digital Marketing Framework, Evolution of Personal Brand, How to make 1 crore.

Set the Objective/Goal

A goal is a dream with a deadline.” — Napoleon Hill

Set your goal which is specific in nature, measurable in quantity, attainable means achievable, relevant, and most importantly it is time-based.

It is important to plan and build your financial goal. It provides you direction & focuses to complete a task in a given time. In goal, the most important factor is a realistic timeline for goal accomplishment. In the week 2 lesson, I set up my financial goal that is to earn 1 crore. I have 4 types of plan to earn 1 crore, but choosing the best plan is totally dependent on the goods and services in which I am working and the type of niche I am having.

Suppose you have a product/service that costs is Rs.100 and your target audience is also in a large number, then your ideal plan should be number 1 and if you have a deep niche(Few numbers of customers) then your ideal plan is number 4. Choose according to your price of the product and your target audience.

How to make 1 crore - Marketing Plan

For Example — Suppose You are a Good Public Speaker and you want to train peoples in Public Speaking skills. You start making courses on Public Speaking and your course price is Rs.1000, now you only have to find 10000 number of customers in your niche to earn 1 crore.

My Dream is — “Train 10000 people in their college life and make them ready for corporate life and start earning ₹1 Crore (every month) income by the end of December 2021.

Understand the Basics

“Understand is deeper than knowledge. There are many people who know you, but very few who understand you” — Nicolas Cage

Understanding the basic concept gives you a deeper knowledge. If you understand the basics of marketing, how to make a decision based on global economics, knowing your target market for making better decisions according to the situation, and the Difference between traditional — digital marketing and which is best suitable for you according to your business.

I learned that marketing is based on science and not on creativity. It is a battle of perceptions, not products or services. People relate sales with marketing but it is more than selling. Giving them after-sales service, keeping an existing customer happy by regularly communicating with them is most important.

Creating a new customer is more expensive than doing business with the existing one. Customer lifetime value matters the most to any business. Making a good perception of products & services in the mind of the customer will make you one step ahead of others. Understanding the need of the customers and providing them the most suitable product/services is the best way to do marketing. Study your customers, market, and trends to find the “one move” that works.

For example — When all cars manufacture are making petrol & diesel car than Tesla & General Motors comes up with electric cars and gain the market share because they understand the need of the customers and market at that time and take benefit from it.

Understanding the basic concept of global economics will help you to make better decisions for your business. The more the average age of the country goes up the more opportunity are created. According to the latest report With an average age of 29, India will be the world’s youngest country by 2020. That’s why doing business in India will make your growth better and faster.

For Example — In the past, China imposed the One-child policy in the country which impacts him badly, and according to reports China is aging more rapidly than almost any country in recent history. China’s dependency ratio for retirees could rise as high as 44% by 2050. Later, China understands its decision result and remove the one-child policy and started giving incentives for the birth of the second child because they understand the benefits of the average age of the country.

Debt Creates Money, by this I learned that the more people will take the loan the more money will generate. That’s why the government is more focused on

  1. Opening the Bank Account of every person in India
  2. Improved their ranking for the startup ecosystem & ease of doing business( people will do more business)

If both will improve, then every individual will deposit some sort of amount in their bank accounts, then the bank will also have a large amount of money to give a loan to the startups and business in the country. More debt will automatically create more money.

Choosing between Traditional Vs Digital Marketing is totally based on the product and services. Just because you are doing digital marketing you can’t say that traditional marketing doesn’t work. They both have benefits under different criteria. Choose according to your products and services, reach and target audience, Budget, Effectiveness of the medium, and the last ease of measuring result.


You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure.
– Gordon B. Hinckleyture.

In planning, the next step is to finding the right market because the whole market can’t be our target. India’s wealth is extremely inequality in numbers. India is 2nd largest in the world population but 1% The top 10% of the Indian population holds 77% of the total national wealth. That’s why targeting the right market(India) is beneficial for any startup or business.

      Source: Sajith Pai

For Digital Marketing, India 1 is the best suitable market with 110 million peoples(with 5–6 per household) in which 20–25 are Online shoppers. The best part is that the buying power of India 1 customers is going to be 30–35 million in 2025. If you are reading this article, have a laptop & internet connection in the home, living in the top 10 cities of India, you can speak and understand English, then you also come under India 1. Finding the right market and choosing the right niche will help you to communicate with the right people and generate leads from them.

But we should also focus on the inequality of income in India and should give our best to minimize this inequality by helping India 2 and India 3 and generate opportunities for them.

Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect — Vince Lombardi

Building your Communication Skills — You know everything but if you can’t express/communicate that knowledge to another person then there is no use of that knowledge. Good Communicate is not about Grammarly’s perfect English, it is about transferring my thoughts/feelings to another person in an effective manner. Being an Indian, I know it’s hard to communicate in English because Hindi is our 1st language but English is the language of the universe, most people communicate in English. For targeting the right customer you should also communicate in English and I am sharing some tips which you can use to improve your communication skills.

  1. Practice in front of the mirror and be honest with your accent.
  2. Write as you talk.
  3. Engage the audience in discussion.
  4. Watch English movies & Comedy shows and Start listening to podcasts.
  5. Be a Good listener(if you listen better you communicate better).
  6. Think in English.

Building A Strong Personal Brand

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” — Jeff Bezos

Your brand is your reputation, a successful brand has to be consistent in communication and experience with each application in the surrounding. Always focus on being the only one in the market rather than being number 1. But now you will be thinking that in such a competitive market how I can become the only one in the market.

Yes, you are right competition is at a peak, that’ why always comes in a market with a unique angle of yourself(little creative in your style) & you can also enter in the sub-category of that business if the competition is high. The more deep the niche will be, the more benefits you will get. People should recognize your brand with your personal identity. If your personal brand is powerful and trustworthy among people you can build any company with it.

Example — Niel Patel( He teaches us how to interact with your audience). He is a digital marketing expert. He is a co-founder of many companies like Niel Patel Digital & Quick Sprout. Most Importantly, he replies to almost every single comment, which is something his audience really appreciates. Neil’s close interaction with his audience adds extra credibility to what he does and helps build his personal brand image.

Choose — The Right Channel & Framework for Digital Marketing( B2C Business)

As a Public Speaker, the best suitable channel for marketing is Digital Marketing because all the characteristics of Digital Marketing are best suitable for the Public Speaking business-like channel reach and target audience, Budget, Effectiveness of the medium, and the last ease of measuring result all this best fit for Digital Marketing channel.

Marketing Funnels — They are collections of stages you ideally want potential customers to move through, towards your key objective.

CATT- Digital Marketing Funnel


Your Success & Wealth totally depends on your Niche. If you are solving problems and satisfying the demand of your niche you are going to be successful and wealthy.

CATT stands for Content-Attention-Trust-Transaction

Content — Create content that attracts most people from your niche and solving their problems and satisfying their needs. You can use Blog, Videos, Images, Live Webinars, and Q&A to share your content with them.

Attention — Driving attention(traffic) to our content by using SEO, Social Media, Websites, Facebook and Google Ads, and Referrals.

Trust — If your audience trust you will always get fruit from them. The customer should feel the belongings towards you and the feeling of getting the attention alone. Plan the system automatic and re-targeting the customers will build trust in them.

Transformation —Lead should be transferred into the customers and if customers get satisfaction, customers will definitely promote you in the market by word of mouth marketing.

CATT Funnel
CATT Funnel

Example — For B2C Business

B2C AIDA Model
B2C AIDA Model

A lady is doing B2C Business(Fashion Designer). she is a fashion designer and a blogger and her short-term target goal is to gain 1000 Blog subscribers and for this, she used AIDA(Awareness-Interest-Desire-Action) Model to gain the short them goal.

  1. Content — She created awareness by creating posts and content on her social media and blogs.
  2. Attention — Driving traffic to the website in the interest of the Blogger and using different mediums like social media, paid ads, referrals, etc.
  3. Desire — After visiting the website, customers will read her blogs on the website and it will generate trust among them and they feel good they choose the right decision.
  4. Action — Trust will build among customers now making them the customer is very important and when they subscribe to the blog for future articles and transactions will be done.
How to find your Niche
How to find your Niche

Right Niche Selection

Niche — Your niche defines you, select your niche carefully. According to the Week 2 Lesson, Niche = Unique Talent+ Market Opportunity for that subject+Right Balance of your Passion for the Subject, a combination of all three will be my niche. Having a focused niche allows you to more easily grow your audience, connect with sponsors and advertisers, and concentrate your marketing and content creation efforts.

Niche Selection
Niche Selection

For Example — Mr. A is an excellent public speaker with 5+ experience and he has a passion to interact with more people and influence them to become good public speakers in their lives. Public Speaking already has a big market, but he has to be more experience to gain market share and being creative in operations.


“People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do.” ―Lewis Cass

In Week 2 Lesson, I learned that the benefits of doing the Integrated Digital Marketing — Becoming a T-shape digital marketer is very important nowadays because executing single things(only SEO) will not give you results. Executing digital marketing in an integrated way will give you better results and then become experts in each domain.

Search Engine Optimization(Organic Traffic), Search Engine Marketing(Paid Marketing/PPC), Content(Information & Interacting), E-mail Marketing(Making Connections), Social Media Marketing, every domain has its own benefits but a combination(integrated) of all will give you more positive results.

Working and taking benefits of each function of the module is called Integrated Digital Marketing and content is the main factor in it. If your Content is relevant and interesting more people will join you, and content always remains the king in the market. You will get Attention by doing basic on-page SEO(potential customers you will find, who are searching for that content), Paid Marketing(give a boost to your process), Social Media Marketing(Find new customers). The more people will trust you the more people will join you and E-mail marketing will do this for you, but you have to send relevant information and follow up with them). You will earn money when you will transfer your lead into customers and do the transaction(sell and convert) with you. Executing an Integrated Digital Marketing framework and Follow up the CATT Framework will give you a definite success in Digital World.

Evaluation of a Personal Brand into Startup/Entrepreneur– To become a successful Entrepreneur/ Businesses organization, it is better to find the right business partner for you. Personal Branding helps you to give a boom to your entrepreneur’s life through the journey. Build your personal brand first and then start your venture, most successful people do this.

In the Week 2 lesson, I learned the evolution of a Personal Brand. Follow up on the steps/process to build your brand.

  1. Learn — From our childhood we are learning something new in our life and learnings never stops. You should also learn a new skill through concepts, facts, and procedures. Understand the basic concepts remember the facts and practice the procedures. Every person is unique in his/her way, try to give your creative input in that learnings.
  2. Works — learning alone will not make you better but doing practical learned skills will definitely make you. Implement your skills in the real world and you will gain more experience and better understanding. There is a saying that “Your first 100 customers will teach you everything”.
  3. Blog — After deciding your niche, you can start blogging on that topic this will help you to build your personal brand and people will relate their story with you. They will learn from your mistakes & experience and you can also update them on skills and your plans.
  4. Consult — When people will read your blogs they will relate with you and you have a personal brand. Now you can consult other businesses on that topic because you an experienced person now. Consulting can be free/paid but this makes your brand more powerful and recognized.
  5. Mentor — Personal brand is not about that many peoples know you but it is about that they should respect you and your content and you create value for them and fulfill their needs. If they respect you they want to be like you and you can become a mentor and mentor them. (You can Publish Book and E-book)
  6. Startup — Now is a time when you can start your own venture of product/services. You have a better understanding of the market, people’s needs, and how you can fulfill it by your venture. You can also build your market share more by taking it next level.


How to Make ₹1 Crore?

Suppose you are an excellent Public Speaker and you want to earn ₹1 crore and after that, you want to build your venture. Follow the steps and you can do that.

  1. Set the Objective/Goal — Set your goal which is specific in nature, measurable in quantity, not quality, attainable means achievable, relevant, and most importantly it is time-based. Now, as a Public Speaker, I want to earn 1 crore in a year.
  2. Understand the Basics — After setting the Goal, now I will try to understand the basics of Marketing and how can I do business in it

How Global and Indian Economics work, which channel to choose between Traditional vs Digital Marketing.

I have the knowledge and experience of Public Speaking but not of marketing, so I have to gain(knowledge from zero) of the basic understanding of Marketing.

3. Build — The Right market(India Wealth Concentrated), Communication Skills, Building a strong Personal Brand.

Having a basics understanding of marketing, now I can build my right market(India 1) because they can afford my product & services and they also want to learn that skill.

As a public speaker, you are good at communication skills but here you have to work digitally, you can improve your technology skills and keep practicing communication skills for the digital world.

4. Choose — As a Public Speaker, the best suitable channel for marketing is Digital Marketing

Choose the right niche according to your Talent +Passion+Market.

I am an excellent public speaker with 5+ years of experience (Talent)+I want to improve others, public speaker, by helping them(Passion)+The market opportunity for Public Speaker is helping students succeed in and out of college, and choose one of my corporate ready programs. Always market & target the decision-maker(student) in your niche.

As I am doing B2C Business, I should follow the CATT Framework to get the best result)

5. Action — Follow the Integrated Digital Marketing Framework to optimize Digital Marketing in the best way.

Make your Persona Brand powerful as your venture and try to be consistent in growth.

I will create a course on Public Speaking and the cost of that course will be ₹1000 and I have to target only 10000 customers to earn 1 crore.

Congratulations, you made one step ahead of your competitors and I hope you get a deep knowledge of how to get successes in Digital Marketing by knowing the basics of marketing and how to deal with it. Follow each step in the framework of this article, it will help you in the decision making in your business.

If you are good at basics you can achieve success. By clearing the basics concept of marketing you can achieve great success in digital marketing. If you are planning to start your own digital business, do well in-depth research on each topic given above, and start doing practically.

Thank you for the valuable time you invested in my article and I hope you will get the Return on Investment soon.

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This article is the assignment of the Digital Deepak Internship program.

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