You are currently viewing Interview with Amar Shrivastava popularly known as Social Amar who is a Content Creator on Instagram with 14k followers.

Interview with Amar Shrivastava popularly known as Social Amar who is a Content Creator on Instagram with 14k followers.

Interview with Amar Shrivastava popularly known as Social Amar who is a Content Creator on Instagram with 14k followers.

From 0 to 14k family on Instagram. Social Amar is a freelance content designer, digital creator, and canva expert. He creates content and manages social media for Agencies & Personal Brands. On Instagram, he is having a page named SOCIALAMAR with 14k followers. His story started in lockdown when everyone was sitting at home and not working but he utilized that time and started working on freelancing, created an Instagram page, and started his journey. Amar always focuses on personal brand and he knows the real power of it. For starting a conversation, Please DM here – Social Amar Page and Linkedin Profile.
Further, Let us hear from him,

Hello and Welcome Amar Shrivastava (Social Amar)! 

How did you get started? Tell us your story?

Okay so, as everyone was sitting at their homes in lockdown 2020, I started looking at the job market which I found quite unstable at that point plus I was not feeling safe to go to another city to do a particular job. Therefore I started to explore things on the internet and found that we can earn through Instagram. I researched about it and the funny fact is that I also bought a course to learn Instagram but as usual it was trash inside. Fast forward I created a page on Instagram with the name HOW TO, to solve each and every problem of other people. But it didn’t work out pretty well; I found that something is missing.
After a while, I discovered personal branding, learned a bit about it, and finally changed the name to SOCIALAMAR. After that, it was no looking back.
One thing that got in my favor was, I didn’t wait to first learn the skill and then start putting content. I learned through my content itself.

What qualities and skills should a  good graphic designer have?

People think being a graphic designer or a content designer is simply to create beautiful designs. But it takes a lot more than that.
In my journey of 1 year, I think the most important skill which a graphic designer or anyone in the creative field should have is patience and practice.
People can google the textbook mentioned skills to become a good graphic designer.

What do you think makes someone a good designer?

If a person designs for his/her audience instead of himself/herself, then that person is a good designer. Design is never for ourselves but for your audience or user.

Where do you get design inspiration from?

I take inspiration from other designers on Instagram and the internet all over. But if you look around there are tons of ideas around you. You just need to be a good observer.

If you have to describe canva. What it will be?

A lifesaver and time saver for non-designers and busy business owners. But trust me canva is more than what anyone can think of.

How do you handle tight deadlines?

To be honest, I’m really bad at handling deadlines. If I have a deadline of 5th may, I’ll complete the task on the 5th itself. Really Really bad.

Were there any mistakes you’ve made as a designer and what did you learn from that experience?

A lot of mistakes and even today after 1 year I make a lot of mistakes. You need to always learn from those mistakes and try not to repeat them again.
For eg. If I made a post where I neglected the white space. I learned from it and didn’t repeat that mistake again.

Which tools did you use for graphic designing?

 I’m a Hardcore Canva designer. But learning Figma as well, since I want to switch to UIUX.

If you weren’t doing design what would you be doing?

 I might have done my MBA and post that a job in some random company.

If you have to share any one of your designs. Which one it will be and why?

The very first design which I created to show that we all start from 0.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years or what is your future goal?

Currently, I’ve changed my mindset to one day at a time. I don’t really think of what I will be in the next month, year or decade. Though I’m a big-time over-thinker one day at a time makes you mentally peaceful.

How much did you earn till now with the designing journey?

Still, a long way to go and I still consider myself a beginner in terms of earnings. But I’ve earned enough to buy health insurance for my whole family. I guess the most precious gift I could give in these times.

Lastly, would you like to say something to our readers? 

Personal Brand is the thing. If you’re not building your personal brand, START RIGHT NOW. An ocean of opportunities awaits at the other end of it. Be patient and consistent with your content creation, Magic will happen. Stay safe guys. Smile.

Thank you, we truly appreciate your valuable time spent with us. 

Thank You and Wish you the same

Wishing you the best in all your future endeavors.


Digital Abhishek Rawat

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