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Canva Graphic Designing : Step-by-Step Guide

Everyone is creative in their own way. Canva graphic designing tools help you to be creative in your own way. It turns your creative imagination into a finished design in a few minutes.

Learn canva graphic designing with a step-by-step guide by Digital Abhishek Rawat.

“A picture is worth a thousand words“— Fred R. Barnard. 

Pictures & Graphics are always powerful & expensive than words. Statistics also show that the human brain informed, capture & translate, memorize visual graphics more than only text data. As a marketer, you should know this. From the starting Graphic design is not an easy job. It takes lots of hard work & training to get in the shoe of a graphic designer.
Canva makes your job easy by creating a platform where you can edit the given templates, design the new one with the simple tool mechanism given in Canva.Canva is a graphic designing platform used to create different social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, websites & many other visuals. It makes the non-designer job easy because of pre-installed templates present in the canvas.
It comes with a visual voice for your personal brand & business. You can use canva in three available modes — Free, Canva Pro, Enterprise. The mobile app is also available for mobile users.
In this article, you will learn & know about:-
  • Available templates in canva.
  • Canva for the non-graphics designer.
  • Canva step-by-step guide.
  • Canva designing courses — From where you can learn canva.
  • My graphics designs in canva
Tip:- Before designing anything in canva, visualize the design in your brain with steps or draw a rough sketch/outline on the page, it will help you in designing.
Let’s start the canva designing journey.
Designing graphics in canva become easy because of the different templates which are pre-installed on the canva website. Canva divides the templates section into social media, personal branding, business, marketing, education & trending.
The topmost templates used by people are social media templates where you can influence your social circle according to your goals, Personalized Professional Resume you can also design in canva.
Designing & Printing T-shirt is also available in templates, Logo for the business, Certificate on different events, many Youtubers used canva for their Youtube introduction & video editing. There are many other templates that you can explore according to your objective in business & life.

Different templates available in canva graphics designing
Different templates available in canva graphics designing
For the non-graphics designer, it’s hards to learn designing skills because the courses & tools are very expensive to buy & use. With canva, non-graphic designer life becomes very easy because the designing tools are easy to learn. Use template & design according to your needs & the goal of the business. Different options are given here to modify the design & create a fresh design.
You can change the image, change the font & its color, different background, put an effect on them, transparency options. Explore more to know about more effects & tools.
Template available in canva
Template available in canva
You can use canva with three different modes/accounts. Each mode is beneficial in its own way & totally depends on the objective of your canva graphic designing tool.
The best part of using canva is that it is totally free with lots of great offerings. You can use canva for a lifetime free. In free mode you will get 250,000+ free templates that you customize, 100+ different design types, 5 GB of cloud storage, you can add other members(team). If you starting with graphic designing you canva free account for 1–2 months to get a basic understanding of it.
If you like the free accounts & their functionality shift to the Pro version to get the extra benefits provided by the canva. Here you will get everything for free, background remover uploads fonts & logos, templates number will increase & 100 GB of cloud storage & the best part is that you can schedule your social media posting with Pro accounts.
Use enterprise mode if you are having a designing business & other business & you need canva for the whole team. All the features & benefits are extra in the Enterprise version.
Different plans available in canva
Different plans available in canva
Now learn Canva step-by-step to get a better understanding.

Step 1 — Go to the Canva website & step up your account

Give the details asked by the canva & step up your accounts. Here you have 3 different modes available — Free, Pro & Enterprise. According to your goal & needs choosing the option & start this journey.
Before designing anything, pre-design the blueprint in your mind & the structure on the page. Be clear with your objective of the design.

Step 2 — Select create a design & choose your dimension according to design demand.

Here you will select the size & shape of the design. You can also put custom dimensions for your design if you’re needed. If not needed you can select the pre-design template size also. Suppose I selected the Instagram Post.
You can choose a Facebook post, logos, videos & posters also according to your preference.

select dimension for creating a design
select dimension for creating a design

Step 3 — Select or Choose a Background

Choose the background according to the design need. Here you can put Colours, Gradient Effect, Pattern, Image in the background.

Background option in canva
Background option in canva
In color, you have plenty of choices to select

Different color availability in canva
Different color availability in canva
In gradient effect & Pattern you have different choices to select.

Pattern background effect in canvaGradient background effect in canva

You can also add different images & visuals in the background. According to your need, you can search for an image & then put it as a background.

background image in canva
background image in canva

Step 4— Add Elements according to design preference

In elements, you can add lines, shapes, frames, stickers, charts, grids, gradients & other stickers.
Elements give your design an elegant look and varieties of options are available in elements.

Add Elements in canva
How to Add Elements in canva

Step 5— Add the right Text & Font 

Font look makes a great impact on the reader when he/she looks at your design. Click on the text bottom on the left side, to include text in the graphic. Explore different fonts available in the canva.
Choose any one according to the design preference. You can adjust the size of the fonts, color the font, make it underline, Italic, Align it, list it, used anchor text also & make other effects on the text.

Add Text in Design of canva
Add Text in Design

Step 6— Finish -Save -Download

After finishing the design, give a name to your design & save it. Canva autosave also but for better understanding it better to save it with the name.
Then download the graphics on your phone & laptop or you can directly post them on your social media by linking it.
You can download the graphic in different types also like JPG, PDF, PNG, MP4 & Animated also. Choosing according to your design.

finish-save-download in canva

Follow these 6 easy steps & create a different elegant design on the canvas. The best part is that you don’t have to spend lots of hours learning designing with these easy steps you can create a wonderful design for yourself & your clients.
For perfection in canva, you only need to do 3 things — Practice, Practice & Practice. Explore every tool of canvas & try to use it in the design to get the best result. Once you get perfection, you will take less time to brilliant & wonderful graphics in less time.

Canva Graphic Designing Courses

canva created a platform in their own website named Learn. Free courses, tutorials & blogs are created by canva on different topics related to canva & branding.

canva courses
canva courses
From Youtube also you can learn canva by viewing video tutorials on different designs, how to use tools effectively, tips & tricks. You can check the Design with canva channel on Youtube.

Learn canva from youtube
Learn canva from youtube
Different canva courses are created by different tutors on different platforms. You can explore them & which you find the best you can join.
You can become a member of different social media groups where they shared their designs, tips & tricks on various designs & give guidance regarding canva.
But you will learn canva only by exploring & designing on it. Start designing it you will start learning it.
Let me show you some of the designs which I created on canva by learning it. I didn’t take any training or watched any tutorials but by just exploring & designing on canva I learned it and here are some of my designs.
With Practice your design will gradually become better than the previous one. Keep practicing & you will become each day. Check out my portfolio.

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