Interview with Amar Shrivastava popularly known as Social Amar who is a Content Creator on Instagram with 14k followers.

Interview with Social Amar
From 0 to 14k family on Instagram. Social Amar is a freelance content designer, digital creator, and canva expert. He creates content and manages social media for Agencies & Personal Brands. On Instagram, he is having a page named SOCIALAMAR with 14k followers. His story started in lockdown when everyone was sitting at home and not working but he utilized that time and started working on freelancing, created an Instagram page, and started his journey. Amar always focuses on personal brand and he knows the real power of it. For starting a conversation, Please DM here – Social Amar Page and Linkedin Profile.
Further, Let us hear from him,

Canva Graphic Designing : Step-by-Step Guide

Everyone is creative in their own way. Canva graphic designing tools helps you to be creative in your own way. It turns your creative imagination into a finished design in a few minutes.

Learn canva graphic designing with a step-by-step guide by Digital Abhishek Rawat.

“A picture is worth a thousand words“— Fred R. Barnard. 

Pictures & Graphics are always powerful & expensive than words. Statistics also show that the human brain informed, capture & translate, memorize visual graphics more than only text data. As a marketer, you should know this. From the starting Graphic design is not an easy job. It takes lots of hard work & training to get in the shoe of a graphic designer.
Canva makes your job easy by creating a platform where you can edit the given templates, design the new one with the simple tool mechanism given in Canva.Canva is a graphic designing platform used to create different social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, websites & many other visuals. It makes the non-designer job easy because of pre-installed templates present in the canvas.
It comes with a visual voice for your personal brand & business. You can use canva in three available modes — Free, Canva Pro, Enterprise. The mobile app is also available for mobile users.
In this article, you will learn & know about:-
  • Available templates in canva.
  • Canva for the non-graphics designer.
  • Canva step-by-step guide.
  • Canva designing courses — From where you can learn canva.
  • My graphics designs in canva
Tip:- Before designing anything in canva, visualize the design in your brain with steps or draw a rough sketch/outline on the page, it will help you in designing.

The success of Digital Marketing goes from the basics of marketing. Wants to know how?

success of digital marketing roadmap


Want to be a successful digital marketer but didn’t have a basic understanding of marketing then this article is for you.


This article deals with the concept of Basics of Marketing, Benefits of learning & master Marketing, Niche selection and Targeting Audience, CATT Marketing Funnel & Framework, Integrated Digital Marketing and Power of Personal Branding, and plans to make 1 Crore.

If you are a student, freelancer, professional, digital marketer, blogger, and affiliate marketer then this article is for you.

My mentor suggested me Internship in digital marketing by Digital Deepak and after reviewing all the acceptance of information, I felt the positive vibes and trueness from the program I decided to go in for the internship by Digital Deepak.

This article mainly focuses on the learning which I got from week 2 Lesson in the Internship, so let’s start the journey.

The success of the Digital Marketing journey starts with an understanding of the basics of marketing. After understanding the week 2 lesson, I tried to give a framework or a process to the week 2 lesson. If you follow this framework you are going to be one step ahead of your competitors.

  1. Set the Objective/Goal — Setting up of financial goal (How to make ₹1 Crore).
  2. Understand the Basics — Law of Marketing, Global Economics, Indian Market, Traditional Vs Digital Marketing.
  3. Build —The Right market(India Wealth Concentrated), Communication Skills, Building A Strong Personal Brand.
  4. Choose — The right channel & framework for digital marketing & Right Niche Selection.
  5. Action — Integrated Digital Marketing Framework, Evolution of Personal Brand, How to make 1 crore.

Benefits of Digital Graphics/Designer in Digital World


The world is changing all people are moving/shifting digitally. Digital Marketing is progressing at a high speed and becoming the best domain in 21st-century business. After the Covid-19 pandemic, every person is working digitally (school child to the older teacher of school) Each & Every field person is working online & has an online presence.


In this video, I am telling about the different benefits of digital graphics & designers in the digital world.

“A picture is worth a thousand words“ – Fred R. Barnard

Please read this quote, in this quote 1000 words are compared with the visual representation and the end picture is having a better side. Graphics/Images are more powerful/important than only textual messages.